Worldwide's Foundry Production provides precise components from several manufacturing processes — essentially processes utilizing a mold, die or pattern. These components meet a myriad of customers' requirements and specifications. Our well-trained engineering teams work directly with your firm to initiate production in the most cost effective manner to meet your expectations and specifications. Our production facilities offer your firm high capacity production lines with diverse machine capability.


Worldwide has successfully supplied a broad field of difficult aluminum and zinc die casting components in a multitude of industries including: aerospace, wireless telecommunication, automotive and other commercial products. Our factories are TS-16949 certified to support automotive customers.

Investment Castings

Worldwide has supplied a variety of investment cast (lost wax) components for aerospace companies for their use in various electrical sub-systems and mechanical assemblies. Investment castings provide near net shape components that require minimal machining operations to conform to our customers' designs and stringent quality criteria.

Plastic Mold

Worldwide supplies medical, fiber optic, and electronic-related enclosures and accessories from a multitude of engineered plastics. In addition, Worldwide utilizes production facilities with in-house tooling capabilities to accommodate initial production with a compressed lead-time.

Sand and Permanent Mold Casting

Worldwide has a growing capacity to produce both sand casted and permanent mold casted parts at economic levels for our customers. These components currently support various transportation industries.


Our forging processes yield a high degree of consistency from piece to piece, without any porosity, voids, inclusions or other defects. Forgings yield high-strength components that serve various applications including automotive, electrical transmission, capital equipment, etc…Call and talk to one of our manufacturing sales specialists about your Foundry requirements. The savings and quality will be worth the effort. Our mission is to deliver customers unbeatable prices, performance, and deliveries with a winning attitude.

Our Business Units

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